Oct 312014

The Raking Day originally scheduled for tomorrow (Nov. 1) at 1:30 has been postponed for 1 week due to the weather. We hope to have you, your rake, and your favorite paper or clear plastic bag with us next Saturday (Nov. 8) at 1:30 to tidy up our back yard. We’ll provide pizza and soda for all who help out!

Fr Tim

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Oct 232014

Which commandment is the greatest? What a great question. It comes to us from our Gospel lesson for this week, found in Matthew, chapter 22. Some Pharisees (the religious party that controlled the synagogues and the countryside), buoyed by Jesus’ besting of their old opponents, the Sadducees (the religious party that controlled the Temple and [...]

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Oct 172014

This Sunday we celebrate the patron saint of all physicians, St. Luke of Antioch who was a physician and was a disciple of Paul.  Joy 2014-10-19 BCP 2014-10-19 BAS Like this:Like Loading…

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