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Worship This Week

Saturday, February 6th: Spoken Holy Eucharist (BAS), 5:00pm – Chapel of the Nativity

Sunday, February 7th: Spoken Holy Eucharist (BCP), 8:30am – Chapel of the Nativity

Choral Eucharist (BCP), 10:30am – The Nave

Wednesday, February 10th: Ash Wednesday Holy Eucharist 10:00am – Chapel of the Nativity

Fr. Tim will offer the imposition of ashes to all who request it outside the main entrance to the church from 12:00 – 2:00


Parish Announcements

Annual Vestry Meeting: The Annual Vestry Meeting for the 2015 year end will take place on February 28, immediately following the 10:30 service.  To participate in Vestry as a voting member, you must be a baptized Christian, of 16 years of age or older, a regular attender at divine worship, and have supported the Epiphany financially within the last 12 months. If these criteria exclude you from voting, you are welcome to attend as an observer.

Those who are responsible for submitting reports are asked to have them into the office by February 14th.

Caretaker Change:  As many of you know Ilmar Jaas has worked as our caretaker/custodian for the past decade. His current contract expired at the end of December, but he has continued to provide his cleaning services during negotiations of a new contract.  However, we regret to say that the Wardens and Ilmar have been unable to come to an agreement that is fair to both Ilmar and the church. Therefore we are reluctantly parting company. Ilmar has kindly agreed to stay on until we have a new service in place. That service will be in place this weekend so Ilmar’s last day at Epiphany, in the role of custodian, will be February 5th. Reliable Cleaning Services will take over the cleaning services for Epiphany for an indefinite period of time, while we research our custodial options in the longer term.  There will undoubtedly be some “hiccups” during the changeover so we ask that you let the wardens know of any concerns you have during the next few weeks, so they can be addressed quickly. Ilmar’s flexibility of schedule and service is a hard act to follow! We are grateful to Ilmar, and his wife Ann, for the years of service they have provided at Epiphany.

“Spirit of Invitation” Join this year’s Lenten study & discussion program beginning Ash Wednesday, February 10th following the 10 am service.

Invited is a parish/congregation-based resource that we hope will inspire and equip each of us to share faith, and to invite others to explore a relationship with God.

Drawing on stories from people’s lives today, together with stories of invitation from the Bible, we hope you’ll be excited by and grow in comfort with sharing the good news of the gospel.

The program includes six modules of exploration and teaching to learn and join the Way of Jesus Christ in a different conversation, to find out what God is doing in the lives of all his children!

Lenten study:  The Monday Women’s Bible Study Group will undertake a 5 week Lenten Study of John Ortberg’s book Who is This Man? starting on February 15th.  This group meets from noon to 1pm on Mondays in the Algoma Room. Newcomers are welcome to join in.  If you would like to attend please let Joy Knuff know so we can be sure to have enough books ( $13 each) on hand.  Books are now available for those who ordered them and can be picked up this Sunday from Joy.

Huge Thanks:  This year’s Outreach Team’s Book Sale was the biggest and best ever, thanks to a lot of people! The final total of funds raised for our Outreach Projects is $2895!!!  We had wonderful volunteers for all the tasks of the weekend.   We also thank those of you who continue to round up donated books for these sales. Without books there would be no sale!  We figure we sold more than 3000 books and had perhaps 1000 to distribute at the end of the sale.  This is a really great recycling project!  Next year lets top the $3000 mark!

Deanery Lent Quiet Day: There will be a deanery wide Quiet day on February 13th from 9am – 4pm (for those who want to join us for breakfast it’s at 8am) at Villa Loyola. On that day we will be using the small group reflections for the gospels, spending time in quiet and prayer and closing with the Eucharist. I have asked Canon Genny Rollins to be our chaplain for the day. The cost of the day is $20 which will cover lunch. Breakfast is an additional $8.

If you plan to attend this quiet day please sign your name on the sign up sheet in the Algoma Room.

Baptism and Confirmation Preparation: As we enter into Lent, the period of repentance and renewal that precedes Easter, it is a tradition that parents wishing to bring their children to the waters of baptism, older children and adults who wish to be baptized, and baptized Christians who wish to enter into a more serious commitment to the Lord Jesus engage in a time of reflection and preparation leading to either baptism or confirmation. Do you wish to be baptized? Do you wish your child to be baptized? Do you wish to be confirmed? If you answered yes to any of these questions, please speak to Fr. Tim before Ash Wednesday.

Coldest Night of the Year Walk: Help support the Samaritan Centre by joining with others from our downtown churches to walk 2, 5 or 10 km.in the downtown on Saturday, February 20, beginning at 5:00pm. We are hoping to have walkers from Epiphany, St. Andrew’s and Christ the King. You can register as an individual on line for a fee of $25. For details go to  https://coldestnightoftheyear.org/home and click “locations” and find Sudbury for local details. For your convenience a sign-up sheet has been posted on the bulletin board in the Algoma Room on which you can indicate your intention to join the walk and what distance you are prepared to tackle (2 or 5 Km.) Please contact Robin Bolton: 674-1691 or by email boltonrb@persona.ca  or Rachel Perry: 586-5334 or rprachelperry@gmail.com for more information.

The Ring Cycle: I was assisting at our recent book sale at the church. This involved moving boxes of books from table to table and into the sale site from outdoors. After a full day of all this shifting I discovered that my wedding band had disappeared from my finger. I searched the building where the sale was happening and searched all the outside areas from which I had retrieved boxes of books.  To no avail!

Others who had been at the book sale and had heard of the missing ring said that they had prayed that the ring might be found – and it was!

Two days later a phone message came into the church that someone had found a ring in a box of books that had been bought at the book sale. I called this person back and thankfully retrieved my ring.

Does this say something about the power of prayer?

The ring is now back on my finger, having been on this finger for over 53 years. Miracles still happen it seems!  (Robin Bolton)


Items for Epiphany This Week are to be sent to Marion Collinson or etw@epiphanysudbury.org

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Here is today’s sermon: Mission and Opposition Let’s begin this morning with a recap. We began this Epiphany season by asking how we are involved in the showing forth—the Epiphany—of Jesus. We are called by the vows of our baptism to emulate John the Baptist who prepared the way of the Lord, announced his identity […]

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