Jan 302015

Worship This Week

 Saturday, January 31st 2015: Spoken Eucharist at 5:00 pm

 Sunday, February 1st, 2015: Holy Communion (BCP) 8:30 am

Sunday, February 1st, 2015: Choral Eucharist (BAS) 10:30 am

Wednesday, February 4th, 2015: Holy Communion 10:00 am

Wednesday, February 4th, 2015: Downtown Communion 12:15 pm

 Thursday, February 5th, 2015: Downtown Communion


Events This Week:


Sunday1st BOOK SALE continues – 9:00am – 2:00pm
Monday2nd Women’s Bible Study 12:00 noon (Algoma Room)
Wednesday4th Bible Study 11:00 am (Algoma Room)
Thursday 5th Needles & Threads – Quilts & Crafts 10:00am (Phoenix Hall)
Saturday 7th



Parish Announcements

Last Call for donations of books! Epiphany’s 11th annual Used Book Sale happens in the Phoenix Hall this weekend.  Bring your donations on Friday between 3 and 6pm if you haven’t done so already.  The sale continues on Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 2pm both days.  Please tell your friends and family about the sale and come browse and buy with them!  An amazing selection of literature, DVDs, CDs etc. awaits you!!

Warden Resignation: We are very sorry to announce the resignation of Nancy Cresswell as Peoples’ Warden at the Church of the Epiphany. Nancy has stepped aside for reasons of family health. The post will remain vacant until the Annual Vestry Meeting on March 1, when a new warden will be elected to complete Nancy’s term. Please keep Nancy and her children and grandchildren in your prayers. Fr Tim

Annual Vestry Meeting: The Annual Vestry Meeting will take place following our 10:30 service on Sunday March 1st. If you are interested in any of the positions on Parish Council (See list below) please speak to Nancy Cresswell.

+ Communications    + Discipleship           + Fellowship              + Outreach

+ Pastoral Care         + Property                  + Worship                  + Peoples Warden

+ Deputy Warden      + Synod Delegate (2)                                   + Alternate Synod Delegate

Those responsible for submitting reports are asked to have them into the office by February 17th.

Looking for another way to live Lent? “Exploring a Lenten Desert” is a six-session course that introduces participants to the desert as an image of spiritual dryness and refreshment and to the tradition of contemplative prayer that emerged from the practices of a fascinating group of 4th century men and women who fled the cities to seek closer relationship with God in the Egyptian desert. We will explore their pithy and paradoxical wisdom as we learn about (and practice) a variety of forms of contemplative prayer, including using psalms as prayer, awareness reflection, Ignatian imaginative prayer, centering prayer, lectio divina, and shared silence. If you’ve never heard of these, it’s ok—that’s part of the exploration! We will meet on Mondays through Lent, starting on February 23, from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Church of the Epiphany (85 Larch St.). For more information and to register, please contact Patti Brace (pbrace@fibreop.ca, 705-673-1216)

Worship Committee: The Worship Committee will meet next on Saturday January 31st at 5:45pm. All are welcome. If you have any questions, concerns or comments about the Worship at the Epiphany and are not able to attend the meeting please speak to Fr. Tim or Marion Collinson, the Worship Committee Chairperson.

Thank You: Thanks to Bishop Tom for donating a lovely paten and chalice for use in the Chapel of the Nativity.

Our next Out-of-the-Cold Dinner takes place on Friday, February 6.  If you wish to help with any of the tasks – Thursday morning food prep., set-up of the hall, serving or related tasks, clean-up, security, please speak with Mary Donato after church, call her at 705 566-1589 or email donatomarye@hotmail.com .Your help is greatly appreciated. If you have already indicated your intentions, thank you.

Challenge Weekend: The Diocese of Algoma Challenge Movement invites young people between the ages of 13-20 to a weekend event from May 1 to May 3, 2015 at Christ Church, Lively. See the Rector of your Church for more info or call 705-692-3344

Job Opportunity: At their annual meeting the Vestry of the Church of St. John the Divine in Copper Cliff passed a motion to begin a search for a new Church organist.  This is a modestly paid position ($50 per event) and we use both the Book of Common Praise along with a supplementary booklet with some contemporary music.  The Church has a Clavinova piano and an organ.  If you know of someone who might be interested in this opportunity please contact Rev. Glen Miller.

Canvasser Appreciation: Help us thank those who acted as canvassers during our pledge campaign and enjoy light refreshments. Join us after church on February 8th as we wrap up the pledge phase of our campaign. Come and hear brief campaign highlights and a building project update.

Confirmation: Are you interested in confirmation? If so, I’ll be holding a confirmation class through Lent of 2015, meeting either Wednesday evenings or Saturday mornings (beginning Feb 18), depending on convenience. If numbers require it, we’ll run two classes. Please let me know by calling me at the office (705-675-2279 x3). Thanks! ~ Fr. Tim.

Lent Sermon Series: What does it mean to grow in holiness? What does it mean to cultivate virtue? What does it mean to put off sin? These are the questions that all come up in Lent, the time of fasting and preparation for Easter. Have you ever asked them? Check out our Lent sermon series this year. Entitled “Lively Virtues and Deadly Sins,” it will run from Feb 22 – Mar 22 at our 10:30 Sunday services. If you’d like to invite a friend, we’ve attached a pdf file to the electronic ETW that you can print off and share. If you have a bulletin board at your office, condo, or corner store, there are a limited number of smaller posters available.

Deanery Digest: For more Deanery news and events, be sure to check it out on the Deanery Website, by clicking here. The Deanery Digest, a weekly newsletter, is produced by Marion Collinson our Deanery Program Associate, if you wish to receive it by email let Marion know.


Announcements for Epiphany This Week should be sent to Marion Collinson or to etw@epiphanysudbury.org BY NOON each Thursday.

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Jan 252015

What does it mean to be a repenting and repentant people? What does repentance have to do with Christian growth? We reflect on these questions in the light of our Gospel and Epistle lessons for today in this morning’s sermon, here:Paul, Jesus and Repentance Like this:Like Loading…

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Jan 232015

I’m apologize for not being able to view the bulletins as I was having a problem downloading them.  Please join us following the 10:30 am service on Sunday to say farewell to our Director of Music Alex Baran. Like this:Like Loading…

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