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If you receive ETW electronically, you’ll see that I have attached two posters this week that you can print off to stick to your fridge, put up at your place of work or at your community bulletin board, or even give away. I hope you’ll take a moment to find out just a bit more about them. (If you’re checking this out on our website, pictures of the posters are below).

First, there will be a Fall Sermon Series again this year that will begin on September 7 and run until October 19. Entitled, “The Space We’re In. . . Learning the Faith by Looking at Furniture,” the series will offer a sort of theological guided tour of our building, noting some of the symbolism behind why things appear the way they do. This series will be a great introduction to which to bring friends or family who don’t know much about Christian faith in general or Anglican expressions of Christian faith in particular, especially if they are thinking about baptism, confirmation, or reception.

Second, we are offering two new services on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Because of our location, the majority of the people to whom we minister are only down here on weekdays. These services are for them, and are designed especially for people with a limited amount of lunch-hour time. Do you know anyone who works downtown who might be interested in a time for rest, reflection, and recharging for the remainder of the day? These services might be for them.

If you work downtown and would like a larger, glossy poster to put up, please let me (Fr. Tim) know. We’ll do a limited print run based on your interest.

As a “destination parish with a downtown presence,” the Epiphany ought to invite people to join us regularly both by giving them reasons to attend, and offering opportunities to worship when people are downtown. We hope these two on going events will help extend that invitation. But we need your help to extend that invitation, too. Will you help?

Why should you help? That’s fair question and I’m glad you asked. In our Gospel lesson this week, Jesus announces that he will build his church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. Inviting people to join us and welcoming them when they do is how we share in Jesus’ work. Does Jesus need us? No. But it is work to which he has called us, and the blessing is found in the doing.

Parish Announcements

Did You Know: If you’re scheduled as Lector and want to review your reading, or if you want to check the readings for Sunday, you can do so directly from our parish website. Go to; then, on the right side of the page, under “Links.” Last, click on “Weekly Readings (Revised Common Lectionary – Vanderbilt).” There you will see the readings for Sunday, and if you click on the date you can read the text right on your screen.

Fifth Sunday Sandwiches: We have reached our 20 loaf goal. Thanks to everyone who signed up to help!

September: Regular Saturday and Sunday service times resume on September 6-7.

Training Day: Flyers have been sent out to all our worship leaders. If YOU are interested in becoming a server, lector, intercessor or lay reader, how about joining us for all or part of the day? Check out the flyer in the Algoma Room.

Eucharistic Assistants: Our roster of Eucharistic Assistants is getting quite small. If this is a ministry you feel you’d like to be part of please speak to Marion Collinson.

The Monday Noon hour Women’s Bible Study will resume on September 22nd.  All women in the parish – and beyond- are most welcome to attend this one hour session each Monday for 10 weeks. The book we will study (ending in early December) is playfully called “When the Game is Over, It All Goes Back in the Box” by John Ortberg.  An alternative title might be, “What can we take with us to the Kingdom of God?”  We expect spirited discussion at each of these sessions, much like we had with the last Ortberg book we studied last Fall. If you would like to attend please let Mary Simmons ( or Barb Bolton ( know so we are sure to have enough books on hand.  The books are $15 each and should be picked up before the first session if possible. Those without e-mail access should reserve a book by calling Mary at705-855-4369 or Barb at 705-674-1691. Hope to see you each Monday in the Algoma Room starting Sept. 22nd!

Wednesday Eucharist and Bible Study resumes on September 10 at 10 am, with Eucharist in the choir followed by Bible study in the Algoma Room. The leader this year will be Bishop Tom Corston.

Licensed Lay Ministries: We will commission all licensed lay ministers on Sunday, October 12. If you are a licensed lay minister, please plan on attending so we can honour you and your work! If you would like to step aside from your ministry, please phone the office at (705) 675-2279 to let us know.

Muskoka Knitters for Global Warmth: Did you know that knitters throughout the diocese knit for this group which ensures the articles get to where they are needed? We have a number of very active knitters in our own parish and we would like to acknowledge them – Dorothy Larsen, Catherine Rousell, Mary Simmons, Penny Unger contribute many articles each and there are others who help as well.  To quote a thank you letter that was recently received by Dorothy Thomson who has arranged the delivery of the items from our parish, “I was pleasantly surprised when your Epiphany gals brought in the huge bags of sweaters for Global Warmth.  They are beautiful!  The variety of sizes is super because we have all sizes of kids, as you know!  The kids will be so tickled too with the bright colours!  Please passon our sincere thanks to your knitters.  They are very much appreciated.” This letter, and lists of the 5390 articles received from all over the diocese and their destinations are on the bulletin board in the Algoma Room. Take a look.  You will be impressed!  Want to help? Call Dorothy Thomson (705 522-3978) or see her at church.   Thank you from Diocese of Moosonee: A thank you letter for our support for youth and Sunday School programs is now on the board in the Algoma Room.

Fairtrade Coffee: Coffee from many different countries is available – Guatemala, Mexico, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, or Nicaragua, A number of different blends; dark or medium roast, bean or ground, decaf. or regular. $14 per pound. All profit goes to support programs of our Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF).  For more information see Speak to Mary Donato at church or email

Celebrating 60 Years:Our brothers and sisters at the Church of the Ascension have a variety of events planned to celebrate the 60th anniversary of their parish. The first event is a Bar-B-Que on Sunday August 24th at 11:30.

PWRDF(The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund) has issued an appeal for Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza, which has been responding to the needs of civilians wounded and displaced by the ongoing Israeli operations against Palestinian militants.

Meanwhile, Anglican diocese of Ottawa bishop John Chapman is urging Canadian Anglicans to pray for an end to the violence and bloodshed in Israel and Palestine, and for the resumption of the peace process. Chapman also urged Anglicans to respond to the appeal for the hospital, a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem, which is supported by his diocese. (The diocese of Ottawa is in a companion relationship with the diocese of Jerusalem.)

PWRDF, the relief and development arm of the Anglican Church of Canada, has also sent an initial grant of $25,000 to Norwegian Church Aid (NCA), which has been providing support to the hospital in the form of fuel, medications, medical supplies and psychosocial support for thousands of women and children affected by the offensive. Both PWRDF and NCA are members of the Action by Churches Together (ACT) Alliance, a grouping of church-based agencies responding to humanitarian needs worldwide. (Taken from “The Anglican Journal”)

To donate to PWRDF’s Gaza response, designate your online donation for “Gaza Response”

By phone, for credit card donations, contact: Jennifer Brown at 416-924-9199 ext. 355       or 1-866-308-7973

Please do not send your credit card number by email or fax.

By mail Please make cheques payable to “PWRDF” and mark them for “Gaza” and mail them to: The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund The Anglican Church of Canada 80 Hayden St., Toronto, ON M4Y 3G2

Deanery Digest: For more Deanery news and events, be sure to check it out on the Deanery Website, by clicking here.

Worship Times Next Week

Saturday, August30            Sunday, August 31

5:00pm                                   9:30am

BAS Said Eucharist            BCP Sung Eucharist

Chapel of the Nativity         The Nave


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