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Epiphany This Week

October 17 – 23, 2014

85 Larch St. Sudbury ON P3E 1B8 705-675-2279 info@epiphanysudbury.org



When you read this, I will be flying back to Sudbury having celebrated my brother-in-law’s wedding. This will cap off several days of enjoyment that began with Thanksgiving. I’m sure it will have been a good time for all of us.


This weekend at our 10:30 service we will celebrate the conclusion of our fall sermon series. The story of the Gospel that we slowly learn and “live into” is a really good story, one that should be celebrated. It is good news, which is what the word “Gospel” means. I hope that as we have looked at the shape and furniture of our church you have come again to appreciate the story that is Christian faith.


We will celebrate the fact that the Gospel is, at the end of the day, about healing. It is about the healing of the relationship between God and the world. “God was in Christ, reconciling the world to himself,” was how St. Paul put it. God healed the relationship. The miracles of Jesus are mini-object lessons of this simply expressed, but profound truth. The Gospel is the announcement that God heals the world, and heals us as creatures in that world.


Sometimes, Christians style themselves as doctors who never get beyond diagnosis. We never get past telling ourselves and others what’s wrong with us. We never get to the good news. And that is, no matter what is wrong with us, no matter what our past or where we come from, God seeks to heal us, to restore our souls.


This weekend, as we remember the patron St. of all doctors and health-care workers, St. Luke, we remember that the Gospel is the announcement of healing for the world. We celebrate. And we will rejoice at the opportunity God has given us to take that good news outside the church walls.


Parish Announcements

THIS WEEKEND: Lunch and Learn: a reminder that the first Lunch and Learn for this season will be coming up on October 19th.  The program will be of interest to our congregation as members of a downtown church.  “The Will to Live” tells the story of George Stephen and his 20 years spent living on the street, including in Sudbury. The half-hour documentary recently won best short documentary at the Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival.  Much of the filming has been done in sites in the downtown of Sudbury.  George and Carol Kauppi from Laurentian University will be present.
Please plan to stay after the 10:30 service on October 19th for this compelling presentation.


The Fall Parish Pot Luck Lunch is planned for the 26th of October following the 10:30service. Prepare your favourite dish and join us for a time of fellowship.


SACY Fall Collection Drive: The Sudbury Action Centre for youth is looking for toiletries and outdoor wear. Mittens, toques, socks, new underwear (briefs for the boys, bikinis for the girls), shampoo and other hair products (travel size), toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap (travel size for liquid or small bars) are all needed. You can drop off your donations at the Office. Dorothy Thomson will be picking them up weekly for the next little while.


Soup’s On: Epiphany is once again hosting the Sudbury Potters’ Guild “Soup’s On” sale and luncheon – November 14th and 15th.  The Guild have asked if it is possible to have that wonderful ACW hamburger soup that was served at Epiphany Fairs for many years. Remember it?  If we are going to do this, the soup now must be made in the church kitchen, not brought from home, so we will need some volunteers to put it together on Thursday, November 13th starting at 2pm for probably 2-3 hours.  If you can volunteer would you please let either Carol Bohren or Barb Bolton know soon.  We are also looking for donations of clean 4 litre ice cream containers with lids.  These can be given to either Carol or Barb or left in the office.

Out of the Cold volunteersnew and returning: Please attend an orientation session on Wednesday, October 22nd from 7:00-9:00 p.m. at St Andrew’s Place. In addition to reviewing procedures and the building safety plan, we will hear from Trinity United Church in Lively about their mission in downtown Sudbury, and from a panel of people who work closely with our guests. There will be opportunities for questions and discussion. Please confirm your attendance by contacting: Mary Donato donatomarye@hotmail.com.  Our team’s dinners this year are on October 31, December 12, February 6, & March 13. Please note these dates on your calendars.


Fair Trade Organic Coffee:  A new order had arrived and will be available on Sunday.  All profit goes to support Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund programs.   A message from the Outreach Team:  You may have noticed that we have not held separate appeals for our parish International and National mission projects this year.  Monies pledged from the Annual Book Sale sponsored by the Outreach Team (coming up in January!) and from the parish budget have been or will be sent to support the PWRDF bicycle ambulance program and the work with youth being done in Moosonee Diocese; however, in light of the demands on our dollars at this time, we felt it wise to hold back on the individual campaigns for these projects.  This does not preclude individuals from donating to these causes if they so desire.  Cheques for PWRDF can be given to Mary Donato or sent in – information on the website www.pwrdf.org . Cheques for Moosonee can be made out to “Diocese of Moosonee”, designated “Discretionary Fund (Youth Ministries)” and send it to The Ven. Deborah Lonergan-Freake, PO Box 735, Cochrane, P0L 1C0 or can be given to Mary Donato.

In Memoriam and Special Occasion cards for PWRDF are available on the bulletin board in the Algoma Room.  These are available to you at no cost. If taking any, please be sure you have a plain envelope and a pre-addressed-to-PWRDF envelope.  Questions? ask Mary Donato.


Advent Readers:  Would you and a small group friends or family members like to participate in our Advent services? Fr. Tim is looking for four groups, each to take one Sunday Advent Lesson beginning November 30, 2015. Fr Tim will supply you with all that you will need! If you’re interested, please speak to him.


Southwind Residence Eucharist: Father Tim and members of the Pastoral Care Team will conduct an Anglican Eucharistic service at Southwind Residence for Seniors on November 19th.  If you know any resident there who might like to attend please let the church office know and we will be sure to invite them .  Parish members who might like to come to this service to support the residents are most welcome to attend- just let the church office know so we have enough supplies for those attending!


Visiting Kenyan Students: Help!  You may have noticed we have had three young Kenyan girls coming to worship at Epiphany recently.  They are part of a group called Canada World Youth. The group in Sudbury will spend two months here helping out in various volunteer capacities for non-profit organizations. The Sudbury group has 9 Canadians and 9 African youth in it and they will be here for 2 months – until December 14th – then the whole group will go to Tanzania for a further two months of work projects. These gals, Tabitha, Patricia and Evelyn do not have much in the way of winter clothing yet. Tabitha will be working at cleaning up Junction Creek with a Canadian counterpart so she will most certainly need outdoor wear! We have asked them for a list of items they might need and this is what they have said.

  • sturdy winter boots – sizes 6 & 7 – and heavy socks
  • winter jackets – medium
  • warm sweaters- small /medium
  • warm (sweat?) pants- small/medium
  • warm toques, scarves and gloves/mitts

If you have any of these items that you are prepared to donate to these girls for their time in Sudbury please leave them in the Church office as soon as possible, as the temperature out there is dropping!  Once the girls are finished with them (Dec. 14th) these items will be given to the Community Closet for others in need.



Deanery Digest: For more Deanery news and events, be sure to check it out on the Deanery Website, by clicking here.


Worship Times Next Week

Saturday, October 18          Sunday, October 19             Sunday, October 19

5:00pm                                   8:30am                                   10:30am

BAS Said Eucharist            BAS Said Eucharist            BAS Sung Eucharist

Chapel of the Nativity         Chapel of the Nativity         The Nave


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