National Project

Our present national project is in support of the Suicide Prevention Program through the Council of the North.

The Anglicans in northern Canada—collectively known as “The Council of the North”—launched the Suicide Prevention Program several years ago to respond to this tragedy in our communities. However, in 2012, the Office of the National Indigenous Anglican Bishop, Indigenous Ministries, was asked to take over the management of the Suicide Prevention Program.

This program is rooted in the strength of the scriptures and guided by the principle of self-determination. We learn and teach about suicide prevention so we can become informed and be effective partners in developing and implementing community-based suicide prevention strategies. It also focuses on healing for our communities and innovative ways to raise the self-esteem of Indigenous people, especially our young people.      (taken from

The Suicide Prevention Program responds to the tragedy of suicide, especially as it affects Indigenous youth.

This is not a “one-size-fits-all” program. Networks of lay and ordained volunteers work with individual communities to help them discern which prevention programs are best suited for their Indigenous contexts.

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