Sad News

A week ago Fr. Michael Hankinson fell and needed to be hospitalized necessitating the need for son Chris and his wife Gail to drive up. Before leaving home, they reserved the respite room in a new senior’s facility in Dorchester, a 5-minute walk from their home. Once here they informed Michael & Muriel that those arrangements had been made and that they were moving them as soon as Michael was discharged. Unfortunately Michael has not done as well as they had hoped. Yesterday (Thursday) Chris was informed that unless Michael can walk into the new facility they cannot accommodate him, a very stressful situation for Chris.

As of this morning (Friday) the decision has been made that Chris & Gail are taking Muriel to Dorchester where she will be able to go into the facility’s respite room. Michael remains in our hospital until he is stronger and able to be released. When that happens Chris will return to Sudbury to bring him down. Chris will also close up their apartment and move belongings and furniture.

Thursday afternoon a group of the clergy gathered in Michael’s room for Communion together. Bishop Anne made a presentation to them on behalf of the Diocese.

As you can understand, this has been very difficult for the whole Hankinson family. It is unfortunate that the Epiphany and Ascension do not have an opportunity to bid a proper farewell, but the decision made is certainly understanding.

Once the matter is settled and Michael and Muriel are in their new home their address will be provided.  Please keep them in your prayers.

Sad News