We Give Thanks for Bishop Anne…

Today (February 11, 2018) we give thanks for Bishop Anne as she marks the first anniversary of her Consecration as the Bishop of Algoma…

Almighty Father, fill your servant Anne with the grace and power which you gave to your apostles, that she may lead those committed to her charge in proclaiming the gospel of salvation.
Through her increase your Church, renew its ministry, and unite its members in a holy fellowship of truth and love.
Enable her as a true shepherd to feed and govern your flock; make her wise as a teacher, and steadfast as a guardian of its faith and sacraments. Guide and direct her in presiding at the worship of your people. Give her humility, that she may use her authority to heal, not to hurt; to build up, not to destroy. Defend her from all evil, that, as a ruler over your household and an ambassador for Christ, she may stand before you blameless, and finally, with all your servants, enter your eternal joy.
Accept our prayers, most merciful Father, through your Son Jesus Christ our Lord, to whom, with you and your Holy Spirit, belong glory and honour, worship and praise, now and for ever. AMEN
(Ordination of a Bishop – BAS pg. 639)

GIGANTIC Used Book Sale

Join us the weekend of January 19th – 21st for our Annual GIGANTIC Used Book Sale. The proceeds of this sale go to support our local, national and international outreach projects.

The sale runs Friday January 19 from 3:00pm – 6:00pm and Saturday & Sunday January 20 & 21 from 9:00am – 2:00pm.

If you have books that you’d like to donate (no textbooks or magazines, please) you can drop them off at the church office between 9:00am and 2:00pm January 15-19.


Our New Rector…

The Rev. Sarah Armstrong is being appointed to the Church of the Epiphany as half-time Curate and eventually as full-time Rector.

She is a graduate of Wycliffe College and was ordained as a Deacon in September. Sarah has an exemplary record in outreach ministry having served in an inner city Toronto ministry prior to graduation.

She will begin her ministry at the Epiphany as half-time Curate under the mentorship of Bishop Tom Corston on September 1st, 2018 until September 1st, 2019, when Bishop Tom will step aside and she will become Rector, full-time. Somewhere in that time Bishop Anne plans to ordain Sarah to the Priesthood.

Sarah is the wife of the Rev. Aidan Armstrong, Rector of the Church of the Ascension and is presently on maternity leave having recently given birth to a baby boy. There will be opportunity to meet Sarah many times prior to her coming off maternity-leave.

We look forward to welcoming Sarah into our midst.



Nearly a year ago we elected a Concurrence Committee to seek a new incumbent for Epiphany. This Committee has worked with Bishop Anne over the intervening months and has now completed its work. An announcement from Bishop Anne will be read at the 10:30 service this Sunday (the 10th).  We urge all those who are interested in knowing how the pastoral leadership of the parish will unfold to attend this service.

Reverse Advent Calendar Project

Once again this year we are asking that you participate in our outreach project. Throughout the season of Advent and Christmas place one non-perishable food-item in a box, bag or basket in your home every day. On Epiphany Sunday (our Patronal Festival) bring your contributions to the church. Our contributions will be delivered to the Sudbury Food Bank to replenish their shelves following the Christmas rush.

White Gift Sunday

White Gift Sunday will take place on the second Sunday of Advent, December 10th. Items needed include tuques, socks, travel-size toothpastes, toothbrushes, underwear (boxer briefs for guys, bikini underwear for girls), gloves or mittens. Please bring your gifts on December 10th and they will be distributed to the Sudbury Action Centre for Youth. Thank you!

New Honorary Assistant

It is a pleasure to announce that The Rev. Rhonda Hurst has accepted our invitation to become the Epiphany’s new Honorary Assistant. Rhonda serves full-time as Chaplain at Health Sciences North and in the past number of years she has provided assistance at the Church of the Ascension. In the last year she has filled on here when Bishop Tom has been out of the parish. Join us on Sunday November 19th at 10:30 when Rev. Rhonda will be installed as our new Honorary Assistant. Rhonda will also preach at that service.

Note: This new ministry does NOT mean that Rhonda will be the new Rector.