Lenten Quiet Day

“THE OBSERVANCE OF A HOLY LENT”  While the special season is still some weeks away during which we will be working on providing some Lenten programming, we are delighted that a parish Lenten Quiet Day is being planned with Bishop Philip Poole as Facilitator. Bishop Poole is retired Suffragan Bishop of Toronto who presently serves as Chaplain to the Canadian House of Bishops. Our Quiet Day will take place on Saturday, April 6th at the Villa Loyola on Long Lake Road. Everyone is encouraged to participate. Registration fee is $20.00 each. Bishop Poole will also be our preacher on Sunday, April 7th. Please make it a priority in your calendars!


The Outreach Team hosts their annual Book sale the weekend of January 25 – 27th. Stop in and browse a large selection of books on a wide variety of topics. If you’d like to donate books to the sale you can drop them off at the church office the week prior to the sale (January 12-25) from 9am -2pm. If you follow The Epiphany on Social Media (Facebook and Twitter) the poster has also been posted there and you can share it with your friends with a simple click.

The Feast of the Epiphany

What a day!

Today, January 6th, 2019, we celebrated our Patronal Festival…The Feast of the Epiphany.

We were pleased to welcome Archbishop Anne as our celebrant and preacher.

At the conclusion of our 10:30 service Archbishop Anne blessed and dedicated our new Memorial Organ.

During Archbishop Anne’s sermon the sun shone brightly through the Sanctuary window, reflecting on the Organ pipes and wall.

To see a brief video of the Organ dedication by Archbishop Anne and the congregation singing “Now Thank We All Our God” at the conclusion of the dedication please visit our facebook page at


In this season before Christmas we will participate in a number of outreach endeavours to assist in the city. Once again this year we invite you to share in our “Reverse Advent calendar” by adding a non-perishable food item to a box each day during Advent until Epiphany Sunday for the Sudbury food bank…

Also, our annual “White Gift Sunday” will be on December 9th when we invite gifts of mitts, socks, underwear and personal toiletry items for the Sudbury Action Centre for Youth, and socks for Foyer Notre Dame.

As well, this year we are also adding a toque and mitt tree in our lobby. If you have personally or purchased knitted mitts and toques, please add them to the tree. These will be forwarded for the use of needy children and teens of the community.

Our new Archbishop and Metropolitan of Ontario

(Copied from the Diocese of Algoma website:

By now, many of you have heard the news that our Bishop was elected at the recent convocation of Provincial Synod, October 9-12, to serve as Ontario’s new Metropolitan. She will be installed to this office on October 11th during the Synod at Christ Church Cathedral, Ottawa, Primate Fred Hiltz will serve as preacher. She will now be styled as The Most Rev. Anne Germond, Archbishop of Algoma and Metropolitan of Ontario. The proper ways to address her are ‘Archbishop Anne’, ‘Archbishop Germond’, or ‘Your Grace’. The following is her letter to the Diocese about her new ministry:


Dear People of God in Algoma,

Something very unexpected happened at Provincial Synod in Ottawa on the morning of October 10. I was chosen to serve as the new Metropolitan for the Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario.

Two years ago I was elected Bishop of Algoma. Since then I’ve had the joy of meeting and spending time with you, worshipping with you, and sharing in moments of great joy and sometimes great struggle or sorrow.  My world has increased through travels around our beautiful diocese, and I have come to appreciate even more the wonderful diversity that is Algoma – not just geographically but also in terms of its people.

I am in awe of the ways in which you live into your baptismal callings and serve Christ with such faith and conviction.  I love watching the growth arising from the seeds of discipleship, stewardship, reconciliation, and community building that I called us to plant as a Diocese in my Charge to Synod last year. I am excited to see the new ministries that will unfold in the coming years. I count it an enormous privilege to serve as your Bishop.

The news I’m sharing with you doesn’t change anything about my role in Algoma at all.  You’ve got me!

One of the items on the agenda of this year’s Provincial Synod was the election of a new Metropolitan for the Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario. Our present Metropolitan, Archbishop Colin Johnson, who has served our beloved church so faithfully and so well, is retiring at the end of 2018. The Metropolitan is the Senior Bishop of the Province and the President of the Provincial Synod and the Provincial House of Bishops, and Chair of Provincial Council. The Metropolitan presides at the election of all bishops in the Province and at the consecration services of those duly elected.  The Metropolitan automatically becomes the Bishop of the Diocese of Moosonee, too.

Before the election, delegates prayed that God would guide our minds, “that we might receive a faithful servant who will care for your people and support us in our ministries.” (BAS pg. 676) We entered into the election in a spirit of prayer, trusting that God would act in our midst. Canon 11 of Provincial Synod provides that “only the Diocesan Bishops of the Province shall be eligible for election to the office of Metropolitan.” All of the eligible Bishops in the Provincial House of Bishops were on the ballot.

When the count from the first ballot came in, I had been elected as the new Metropolitan for Ontario. This development was not something I even considered, as there are many far more capable and senior bishops than me in the ‘House’ who are more worthy of the position than I am. I count each of them as mentors and friends, and there is a great sense of collegiality among us that I know this will continue in the coming years. I am humbled by the honour and by the trust placed in me and I will do everything to support the ministries of the church in Ontario and beyond.

Since the ‘breaking news’ was shared I have received countless emails, text messages, and phone calls of congratulations, and assurances of prayer from across Algoma, and further afield. Thank you, thank you – I am grateful for each note and covet each prayer.

Right now everything feels pretty overwhelming and quite terrifying, and so I am keeping my eyes on Jesus who is my constant friend and companion. I ask you to keep my family in your prayers too as we navigate our way through this new beginning. My darling Colin is amazing and so supportive, and I am grateful for his love every day. Our children, Caitlin and Richard, are now young adults living away from home and this makes it somewhat easier.

Some of you have asked questions about what this means for Algoma and how it will work with me being the Bishop of our neighbouring Diocese of Moosonee. I will continue with all of my duties and responsibilities as usual in the Diocese of Algoma, including parochial visits and the usual meetings that are held in the course of a year.  Moosonee Diocese is constituted in such a way that an Administrator, Archdeacon Larry Armstrong, handles the everyday administration. There is an Assistant Bishop, Tom Corston, who travels extensively in Moosonee and does most of the episcopal functions like Confirmations and Ordinations. When Archbishop Johnson was Bishop of Moosonee he spent some time there getting to know the diocese and chairing meetings of Executive Council twice a year, participating in Ordinations and Confirmations as he was able. I will be in conversation with these three men so we can work on how to make things work well for Moosonee and Algoma.

You might be interested to know that two former Bishops of Algoma have been Archbishops for the Province of Ontario – Archbishop George Thorneloe (1915 -1926) and Archbishop William Wright (1955 -1974). I will become the third woman Archbishop in the Anglican Communion and the second in the Canadian Church; Archbishop Melissa Skelton is the Archbishop of British Columbia.

                   In this time of new beginnings I invite you to join with me in praying for the mission of God's Church, that we would be one “great company of disciples, together following our Lord Jesus Christ into every walk of life, together serving him in his mission to the world, and together witnessing to his love on every continent and island.”

You remain in my heart and in my prayers,



Primate Fred Hiltz, Archbishop Anne Germond, Archbishop Colin Johnson


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Return to Regular Worship Schedule

This Sunday, September 9, 2018, we return to our regular Sunday schedule:

8:30 am – Holy Eucharist…a quiet, meditative service from the Book of Common Prayer

10:30 am – Choral Eucharist…our family service from the Book of Alternative Services which includes a children’s program, “Godly Play”

Summer Vacation

Bishop Tom & Ruth will be on vacation for the month of August. Sunday services will be as follows:

August 5th – 10 am, Holy Eucharist – The Rev. Rhonda Hirst

August 12 – 10 am, Morning Prayer (BAS) – Marion Collinson

August 19 – 10 am, Holy Eucharist – The Rev. Rhonda Hirst

August 26 – 10 am, Morning Prayer (BCP) – Hoi Cheu

During the month of August Rhonda Hirst will be available for any pastoral need. She can be reached by through the church office 705-675-2279 ext 2.

Happy Birthday, Canon Michael!

We extend happy birthday wishes to Canon Michael Hankinson, our former Honorary Associate, who celebrated his 98th birthday on June 9th. Thanks to their daughter-in-law Gail for sending the photo of the Hankinsons opening birthday cards. They look great! (Click on “Happy Birthday, Canon Michael!” above to see the photo)

Downtown Churches Barbecue

On Friday June 8th the downtown Churches group held a Barbecue outside Christ the King Church. Many people enjoyed burgers, hotdogs and cold drinks thanks to the folks from six downtown churches – Christ the King, Ste Anne des Pins Roman Catholic Church, St. Andrew’s United Church, Anglican Church of the Epiphany, Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church and All Nations Church who came together to support the less fortunate in the Sudbury community.