Author: Marion

Wardens’ Words:

Over the past few months there have been a few unnerving incidents where unexpected “visitors” have found their way into what we thought were locked areas of our building.  We have had Northern Security do an assessment of the security measures we have in place for years.  They have come back with several recommendations to improve the safety and security of both our buildings.  We have started to implement a few of them.  You may notice a couple of convex mirrors are now in place. The middle staircase and the staircase off the Phoenix Hall both lead to exit doors.  Over the years these doors have often  been used as a quick way to get to the parking lots behind the church, by many people and,  unfortunately, also an easy access for intruders,  if left ajar.  EFFECTIVE IMMEDATELY,  both these stair wells will become Emergency Exits only  with signage on the doors at both levels indicating that an alarm will sound if these doors are opened – and an alarm will sound!  The signs are not fake news!  While we realize there are times when these staircases must be used – for example to access the extra food trolleys or the long ladders stored in the back stairwell, or to provide direct access to the Memorial Garden for the interring of ashes, through the middle staircase.  If you are one of the people who needs access occasionally to either of these areas please see either Michal Vezina or Barb Bolton to learn how to turn off the alarm before you open the door!  We know this will mean extra steps to walk around the building rather than through it but hope you will understand our dilemma. If you have any questions or concerns about this move please speak to the Wardens’ or Michal Vezina, our Property Manager.

Notice of Appointment of a New Deputy Warden:

At its last meeting, Parish Council unanimously passed a motion to appoint Jane Kivisto as a Deputy Warden, starting in September 2017 for the remainder of this fiscal year.

We are delighted to welcome Jane to Parish Council and the Executive Committee and for her to begin the process to “learn the ropes” of being a warden. Soon you will start seeing her listed as the Warden on Duty, about every third Sunday!  We thank Jane for her continued commitment to Epiphany and look forward to working more closely with her over the months ahead. We sincerely hope that this will be a positive experience for her and that she will let her name stand for election as a Warden at our Annual Vestry meeting in early 2018!!