Author: Marion

We Give Thanks for Bishop Anne…

Today (February 11, 2018) we give thanks for Bishop Anne as she marks the first anniversary of her Consecration as the Bishop of Algoma…

Almighty Father, fill your servant Anne with the grace and power which you gave to your apostles, that she may lead those committed to her charge in proclaiming the gospel of salvation.
Through her increase your Church, renew its ministry, and unite its members in a holy fellowship of truth and love.
Enable her as a true shepherd to feed and govern your flock; make her wise as a teacher, and steadfast as a guardian of its faith and sacraments. Guide and direct her in presiding at the worship of your people. Give her humility, that she may use her authority to heal, not to hurt; to build up, not to destroy. Defend her from all evil, that, as a ruler over your household and an ambassador for Christ, she may stand before you blameless, and finally, with all your servants, enter your eternal joy.
Accept our prayers, most merciful Father, through your Son Jesus Christ our Lord, to whom, with you and your Holy Spirit, belong glory and honour, worship and praise, now and for ever. AMEN
(Ordination of a Bishop – BAS pg. 639)